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About the Canadian Prairie Chapter

In the fall of 2019, we realized that there was a lack of competitive events for pointing dog breeds across the Canadian prairies. In Manitoba, there was nothing at all other than "All Breed" conformation events. 

Saskatchewan and Albert were lucky to have some VHDF test and a few CKC trials, but the events were far and few between. Something needed to change for Pointing Dog Breed enthusiasts across the prairies. Central Canada was the only Canadian NSTRA Chapter running.

A few of us that were friends and acquaintances discussed the possibilities and decided that NSTRA would be the best fit for us. We then began contacting NSTRA and making acquaintances across North America in search of help to get a second NSTRA Chapter started in Canada. 

In the fall of 2020, with the help of the Mid-North Chapter, we hosted the first ever Virtual NSTRA Judging Training Seminar. It was a success thanks to the help of Dean & Kristy Goodall (Mid-North Chapter). 

In January 2021, we managed to secure the land, birds, and judges for our first trial to be held in mid-late May. 

We're blessed to have so many existing NSTRA members from various Chapters across North America supporting us. Thank you to everyone who has assisted to date.

Our story is still being written while we continue to pursue official Chapter recognition from NSTRA. Stay tuned as we update this page ...

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