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2021 Chapter Goals - The Good, The Bad, and The Plan

We now have 2020 in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, we didn't lose COVID-19 along away and it is still trying to hamper our efforts to get the Canadian Prairie Region Chapter recognized officially by NSTRA.

Our primary goal for 2021 are to hold at least 3 trials at a minimum this year between April and September. We'll try for more, but it's going to be partly dependent on membership, support, volunteers, and availability of land.

We'd like to see our Chapter fully recognized by NSTRA before the end of the year so that in 2022 we can hit the ground running.

The Good:

- We managed to host the first ever Virtual NSTRA Judging Training Seminar.

- We have secured land, judges, and birds for our first ever trial to be held this year.

- We are building relationships with organizations like The Manitoba Wildlife Federation.

The Bad:

- We won't be officially recognized until we get a few trials under our belts.

- Not everyone has signed up for their NSTRA memberships yet.

- We still need more land for trials as we can not rely on the one property we've secured.

The Plan:

- Drive up membership. Leverage your social media accounts to bring new members on board.

- Find more land (and a permanent site if possible) for trials.

- Get enough of us certified as Judges and Field Marshalls so that we can staff locally.

- Run a minimum of 3 trials in 2021 and ramp that up to 5-8 for 2022.

It takes a village, so the more active you are in helping, the more successful we'll be in having some fun events that the family and dogs can enjoy. If you have skills or resources that you think can help the Chapter, please contact us!

We haven't set the first trial date as we're waiting to hear from the bird supplier as to when their birds will hit maturity, but we're currently looking at mid to late May. Stay tuned for us to lock down a date!

We hope to see you all at the first trial!

Jeff Barrett

Canadian Prairie NSTRA Chapter President

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